scented candles

i took a shower with one of those scented glass-jar candles; keeping it by the window, amidst the darkness and oh how beautiful did it really feel as i peeked; my eyes oh so blurred with my hair tied in a hairband

oh they hold more light than what they just glimmer away, for it was enough to become my reason to write something

i do not think people realize, as to how can even the simplest of gestures feel oh just so exquisite

oh it was never really about all the times, you were never loved or betrayed

but was about that one time

where oh you met someone, who cared for you, like no one did

who was the way, you always wished for to be with

who really did love you

and oh with someone like that beside, oh i promise

you’d wish to live the simplest

oh you’d wish all the normalcy there is to life

oh so would i

i’d give it all, for someone worth it

for the passion that it leads to

turns the sweet candle-scented showers

to the two of you, making love

until it’s pitch dark

for oh no amount of wax, will be able to hold

the flames to your fire

and oh no water in this world

will be able to extinguish

the love that you share

those were the dreams, that oh made me write

this evening

and someday, i shall by abide my words

for of all things out there, my love was never fiction

i guess, there’s a lot of panic because of this virus all across the globe. i understand the concern, but i urge you to stay calm.
those at home, just cuddle, make love, practice your art, be kind, or do whatever. it’ll be fine.

with love