i shall love you in pauses, until oh my love, i can love you whole

oh my love, your eyes are the most eloquent of them all, for even a mere utterance of affection in them seems to revoke the feelings of love and romance that oh i paused within, for all that you do, my love
even when you never meant for it to happen
is oh but mesmerize.

oh my love, loving feels like a journey to me. this journey that is but oh a dream come true, since you

a dream; never heard of; never really seen before

but oh was what my heart sought for
the most within

love seems to be ethereal, and oh my love, so does this thought
of being with you

for oh nothing is more pleasing to my eyes, than gazing at a tryst; between two in love;

such as us.

for oh my love, i may have heard many stories

but my favorite was the one
that oh my love
i was destined to write w you.

oh how i hope to begin
to walk with you.

oh if only i could, oh i would

oh my love, i would
speak the love, that sparked in me, since the first day, that oh my love, i stumbled upon you

oh my love, i handpicked a few phrases
that oh were in my heart

for a stranger who felt rather beautiful

knowing not, my love

those phrases

lived to became; a few notes and chords alike

and oh how all, who heard distantly, termed them as music

while all it was really my love

was me, reciting what oh i felt so deeply about you

oh how you adorn, all there’s to it
oh so softly;

fitting but perfectly.

oh i wish, my love, i could speak fluently
about the beauty that oh i see in you;

the beauty that oh you make me feel

for opening my eyes, whilst in love
with you

feels like waking up against the sun
with you wrapped in my arms

our gazes sync; so does your hand in mine

and oh how really beautiful is it all, my love?

oh i wish to love you and walk on this journey
that oh my love

for oh this journe, that leads to you, is oh my love
difficult enough
but i shall continue, until i reach you

for oh my love and all that i feel
is worth nothing
if oh my love, i could never love you

for this my love, is all i seem to know

this my love, is all i seem to want

with love


  1. Omatra7 · April 2

    You write beautiful words!


  2. Helen Lemus · April 2

    Great. Wondrous words. Thank you, S.


  3. CHall · April 2

    “Let go and have hope”

    Thank you!


  4. Itsnolez · April 2



  5. Sonu · April 4

    You write well Srijan 🙂


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  7. Jeevanjot Ghuman · April 6

    She is so pretty. Who’s she? Your stranger?


  8. MagneticMommy.Life · April 6

    Is this you?! So beautiful ❤️❤️


  9. Transit · April 8

    Brava e grazie del tuo passaggio da me. Ciao.


  10. Maria N · 11 Days Ago

    This is lovely


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