the memories to you; became what gives life to the dreams that i bore

oh my love, i can see through it all. this is where we shall end up, after all that is sour, has come to an end. a sky oh so clear, with a wooden cottage, that oh my love, was our home.

oh do not fear, if the electricity to our house was cut, for oh my love, we can always instead, under a moon and talk about all things that oh are dear to us.
about all things, that oh my love, we dream of.

oh my love, share the fears to you, that you chose to hide. let this land; away from all noise, feel the salt to your tears, as you try to hide them, while confessing all that you had to go through.
oh my love, i promise you, no one else will ever, step over them again.

for oh you and the love in you shall rise again, for oh my love, this time; i shall plant flowers every where; you’d shed a tear. oh let us add more gardens to our home, for oh my love, this is how i tell you, as to how your pain, gave birth to something just oh so pleasant.
oh you adorned me, my love. you adorned our land. and now, someday when we shall hear her first cry, oh you will but again, adorn our home.

feel the love again, my love. feel every side to it. feel all that you didn’t feel for oh just so long.

for it was a part of you then. it is a part of you, still. oh i feel it.

oh the romance to me doesn’t seem to mind for any season, for oh it blooms, across the year, caring not, for the extremes, for the love to me, will always find a way on it’s own, so as to love you.

oh the love in me, only seems to grow more passionate each second, and oh my love, i seem to love it just so much, as and when i involve myself with it; oh so deeply.

the snow at it’s edges, oh how it adorns this grassy land. oh i glanced at this picture, which oh my love, was oh a memory, for the one who met with;
but oh how it still fit perfectly, in this really simple dream of mine, that oh i would have lived, if oh my love, i was there, when oh you were meeting all alone.

oh how i can imagine, after strolling for miles straight with the one i love, i’d want to sit and just gaze; softly.
at her and all that surrounds us.

oh how beautiful would it be, to pull you close in my arms, as i lay on this grass; oh how all of it, feels just oh so exquisite.
oh i can feel my back brushing against the grass, as i hold on to you tightly, telling you oh how this is so much better than all the places that felt just so urban to lay on.

oh let my clothes get covered with dirt, i do not care for it. for oh the love that i feel, as i tease you amidst this breeze, is of much more value to me.

oh feel as i kiss my way from your forehead to your lips oh so soft.
oh feel my lips breeze through along the path of the breeze, that kisses your lips and oh the most tender parts to you; alike.

oh my love, let me tease you a lil. let me hold on to you for a lil more longer and oh my love, let me just love you, in ways such as this, time and again.

oh my love, you will wake up to me; during the sunrises
oh close them with you on my lap; beside a sky, that’s about to set

everyday; from the day, i sworn to be by your side

in ways, that oh my love, may look different

but oh felt all the same

whispering this poetry

or some other that oh would come to me

with oh just full of love.

a tiny friend of mine, sent me these pictures. and well, they are her ‘memories.’ the title should make sense now.

i’m uncertain about a lot of things in my life. but oh i still seem to realize more of love.

let go. live the way you desire. love the way you like. love warm. love soft. love passionately. love kind.

and oh make love. it’d feel beautiful. and so shall the lady, who’d be w you.

that’s how it is meant to be.

love is not a chore. don’t let it become that.

with love


  1. Anish Nair · April 11

    Well written.
    I’ve nominated you for an award. Please check my blog for more information!

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  2. Doree · April 11


    Liked by 3 people

  3. Noreen Young · 19 Days Ago

    Love ❤️ your ✍️ words and blog style.

    Liked by 2 people

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