never met before

her smile scents of roses
that oh i wish be the reason for
only to paint her in my eyes
as i’d find her next to me
like i never have
and oh how beautiful, would it feel?

slowly i take her hand, in mine
as she sits on my lap
only to paint her nails in pink
while she gazes at me trying
and oh it feels, beautiful
but only because of her.

i felt her warmth
as her eyes looked into mine
only to make me caress her hair
and oh it felt beautiful, than anything i’ve felt until now.

she now faced me
while sitting on my lap
for i was the sea, and she was my horizon
only to find myself, holding her by her waist
as i pull her close to me
only to feel as she wraps her arms around me
while i kiss her cheeks, gently.

promise to make you giggle, in ways so different
that oh the world would witness, as i sketch you in paints
in colors so many, as and when, we’d be upon dark times,
for there’s nothing i’d rather do, than be the reason for you to smile.
let your scars, be named after me
that oh we’d adorn, while you lay on my lap, only to make me fall in love, w all of you.
let not these storms, stop you from dancing
for oh i’d want to be kissed, by the rain, and then by you
as it’s the only thing, i’d ever desire
till the heart in my chest, that lies in my chest beats
but oh just for you
for if i could, i’d marry you in a heartbeat, just like i did
in my dreams, yet again!




unke gulabi hotho mein,
rahe chupe mere unkahe armaan
o kaise na dekhu khwaab itne saare,
jaha rubaroo ho saku,
unki uss muskurahat se

raate kate meri,
sitaaro ko dekhte hue khil
tabhi khule meri aakhen,
sapno se,
jaha basi hai woh.

aasmano ki badalo mein
bnaya maine humara ghar

hawao ne unki nawaazish
ka kraya jo ahsaas
ishq ke dhaago se jo laga
main apne lafzo ko silna
paya fir aapko
ek bistar par
jo pukare hume.

aapka meri baaho mein hona
kehlayega kudrat ka karishma

aur meri aakhon mein aapka basna
hogi mere is dil ki manzil.


rosey green

oh look how she smile’s,
with her rosey lips,
only to plant a dream,
that i now myself find dreaming about,
or was it her smiling?
for oh it feels beautiful!

oh she moves like the wind,
for i find my heart,
flickering times so many,
but only when i’d imagine,
her eyes in mine,
and oh how beautiful would it feel?
for she’s a lady so lovely,
in a way so special!

it’s time for me to close my eyes,
only to write verses, as i would look deep into her eyes
only to never look away, for oh she feels beautiful!

oh how do i let all know,
that oh as and when she smiles,
while she sits, at the horizon of my heart,
only to make me wish,
that oh i was the sea,
that she would tonight,
take haven in,
only to fall in love w her,
for oh she’s beautiful!

no verse i ever write,
can capture the beauty
that her smile
makes me feel
for she’s a form of art,
for whom, my poetry
will always seem,
just amateur!

my boo bear

w a pen in her hand,
oh my boo bear,
i witness you work,
wearing a dress so flowery,
only to make my heart bloom,
for it awaits you,
in my arms tonight,
only to smile each other to sleep!

i made our kid, sleep early
just so that oh my love,
tonight becomes just about us,
like it was yesterday,
for my love,
there’s nothing i’d rather do,
than spend my life,
doing things so many,
but just for you.

oh witness me,
as i sweep you off your feet,
only to enter our candle lit house,
where hearts beat so many,
but two of them, are oh special
for my boo bear, they beat as one.

oh sit on my lap,
while we watch the sea,
you sitting on my lap,
while i slowly feed you,
holding you,
by your waist,
only to kiss you everywhere,
whenever i’d feel like,
for oh my love,
it feels beautiful!

oh my boo bear,
why do you, oh shed a tear,
when you can light a smile,
with your eyes so loving,
just the way they would look at me,
for oh i’m writing my heart,
for a lady so lovely,
after a time so long,
and oh it feels beautiful,
for you my love, are
one of a kind.

speak to me about your day,
and tell me what you didn’t like,
only to make me kiss your cheeks,
every second,
as i find myself losing my count,
on the first day itself,
for oh my love,
i’ve waited this long,
but oh not anymore,
for oh you’re here,
with me,

let me taste you tonight,
for what seems to be sweet,
is beautiful my love.

oh let the night be cold,
for our love,
will be the only warmth we’d be needing today,
for oh my boo bear,
you’re beautiful!

oh lay next to me,
as i pull you close,
only to caress your lips,
with those of mine,
and again,
and again,
and oh there’d be no end, for my love,
tonight is ours, just like is tomorrow.

i’ll feel your heart beating,
for oh you’d be laying over me, my love
and oh how our naked bodies,
will be the instruments,
of our love,
that oh we would play tonight,
in the form of the twinkling of the stars,
that are nothing, but your smile.

oh feel me inside you my love,
slowly, only to go a lil harder each time,
your eyes were in mine,
oh my love,
no one can stop these two hearts,
that are oh full of passion.
only to fall in love, yet again.

oh my love,
moan oh so gently,
that this world echoes,
the stories of you and me,
as a couple in love,
in a way so romantic,
for the world,
as for me.
i was doing,
what any man in love,
would do, only so his lady
could smile, and smile again,
for it’s never enough.

we made love,
only to lay naked,
in each other’s arms,
while i’m still inside you,
only to slowly feel you,
kissing me down my skin,
until you reach,
what’s meant to be kissed,
a lil more than others,
and oh, my boo bear,
all of it, feel exquisite,
but oh just because,
there’s no like you today,
nor will be there tomorrow,
for you’re special,
in a way,
i dont know how to put in words.

the night may end,
the sun may rise,
but oh this cuddling won’t stop,
nor will my kisses, that i saved for you,
for i dont need no darkness,
to be at home,
for i’ve all the home one can want,
in you.

okay well, the name made me blush a lil haha, but well, fuck it. i’ll write all the love, i want to.

oh my dear

oh my dear,
whisper me your name,
but only when you’d lay,
over me,
only to never let go,
for oh my love,
you’re beautiful.

oh dear, beloved
let me caress your back,
and tell you my name,
like i never have,
for oh my love,
you feel beautiful,
from the v beginning, to all
and now to just me.

let me oh, my love
look into your eyes,
but just so,
i could witness them,
as i would caress your face,
only to hold on to you so tight,
oh how beautiful would it be?

we’d be all wrapped up,
in each other’s wings,
for it’s been long,
when we were flying all alone,
but not anymore,
for oh my dear,
open your eyes,
and oh look how your name is echoed,
for beauty prevails,
and so do you,
in my arms,
while my legs wrap all around,
what seems like my whole world,
but oh it’s just you,
only to oh never let go.

i dream about you,
through these words today,
only to make it a reality,
by living them tomorrow,
just w you,
for oh my dear,
where there’s you, there’s spring
a season, which from today,
will be known as beloved,
until the end of times.


i named her my beloved,
for i dream of residing
in her eyes so sweet,
that i haven’t seen yet,
only to hold her so close,
oh i’d fall in love,
with the way she would look at me.

i’ll call her my night,
for i’ll spend all my time,
by just looking at her,
and telling everyone,
as to how beautiful she is!

oh look how she adorns our sky,
where i danced w her,
amongst the stars,
only to name all of them,
just after her,
for you my beloved,
are loved by all,
but the most by me.

oh my love,
if love was a person,
oh it’d be you,
for i live because of love.

oh love is you,
love is the way you smile,
the way you giggle,
the way you move,
oh my beloved,
love is just the way,

the romantic side in me has revived and oh i’m loving it. 

oh my love

oh my love,
i’ll be your rumi,
while you’d be my angelou,
and oh we’d love,
in a way so ardently,
oh this world would read,
long after,
two hearts were less,
in this world so big,
for now my love,
they’d just known,
as one.

oh this mere world,
of mortals,
would never understand,
the love that,
i’d have for you.

oh my love,
my eyes
would be addicted,
with the sight of you,
as if you were the spring,
for my cherry blossoms.

words will pour,
from you to me,
from me to you,
until one fine day,
we’d hear words so lil,
from someone,
who’d be a part of us,
only to fall in love,
with each other again,
for she’d be a exquisite,
reflection of you and me,
adorned w strokes of cripples,
amidst the horizon embracing,
whilst the sand, kissing.



i’m drunk,
at the thought of you,
smiling at me,
wishing my eyes,
would reside in yours,
while yours would reside in mine,
only to feel bliss.

oh my love,
you’re a heart so exquisite,
turned once dust,
into castles so serene,
that oh my dear,
i’d name after your smile,
for oh my love,
i’d like people to savor,
as to how beautiful,
you really are,
like i do,
as i witness you smiling at me,
with eyes so lovely,
wishing this would last,
until forever!

oh my lady,
let me plant a rose,
from one of the seeds,
that i’d find in your eyes,
as i’d kiss them to sleep,
only to feel you over me,
as i’d witness me laying on grass so soft,
in a garden so rosey,
that you gave birth to,
as and when you smiled.


call you

call you taj mahal,
for you’re a wonder,
like no other.

call you romance,
for your arms,
around me,
makes me feel at home,
for you my love,
are beautiful,
like no other.

call you paradise,
for your eyes,
so innocent,
imprisons this heart,
every time,
they witness you,
and oh i fell in love.

call you a dream,
for oh baby,
you make me,
dance in the rain,
with your hand in mine,
singing songs,
while still lost in your,
for oh baby,
no more fears,
no more tears,
let’s bleed love,
like there’s no,

call you beautiful,
until my heart,
syncs w yours,
only to make love,
while still the night’s young,
only to call you beautiful,
tomorrow yet again,
for oh,
it never gets old.

call you crazy,
for that’s what,
i’m too,
for i want to look into your eyes,
and tell you poetry.
only to write letters,
with my eyes in yours,
sealed forever,
for now,
we kiss.


overcast get’s me everytime.
i’ve been growing my hair, since a month now. just a lil more, for the lil ponytail.


I look into your eyes, only to incessantly savour the smile, that’d make me perpetually smile, for you my love, are beautiful! Hold my hand, only to imprison yourself w me my love, as we slowly, saunter through these streets, on a twinkling, flamboyant night. A night so Caliginous, or was I still lost in your eyes, my love? For Oh these winds now would seem poetic, for I find myself writing again, but just to make you smile. Don’t let me reprieve, for my love, I maybe astray, from a heart, I felt beating, every time, your eyes, would tease me, only to decimate my fears, for my love, you look at me and smile, and Oh i’m home! Oh the paths, that you walk, my love, I saw them, souvenir you, for you my love, were always home! I see you in a dress so black, only to whisper beautiful, as later my words will echo, as people now, look through my eyes, into yours. And Oh you look exquisite. Look at these roses, comely carving you, on a canvas, that asks oyu to name your scars after me love, for I want you to smile, like you never have, for you my love, are lovely. Your dalliances w these stars, made you twinkle, while I fell in love the ingenue, you! Oh how beautiful, do you seem to be my love, for your mellifluous voice, blooms the withered, while your ineffable eyes, still lies in my mind, only to make me smile, ever after. I smelt the petrichor, after we danced on the Bengali song, for our hearts now lived, yet again, but just because you were here now, my love.