i found flowers,
blooming in her amiable eyes,
looking at me,
from a distance,
and oh i fell in love,
with the way she smiles.

call her pink city,
with her rosey lips,
and a smile so exquisite,
only to dream of,
caressing her to sleep,
as she’d lay in my arms,
and oh it’d feel home.

a bouquet of daughters,
is something i’d love,
for oh my love,
they’d remind me,
as to how beautiful,
her mother is,
whom i fell in love with,
over and over again.

oh i felt her,
thirst to write romance,
only to ask her to,
to fulfill it.

oh my love,
let me be your canvas,
where you’d stroke,
the ink of your unsaid words,
full of romance,
until now.

let me be,
the orchestra,
of your heart so sweet,
that’d play you a song,
or was it you?
for oh my love,
you’re music,
while i’m your lyric.

oh let me witness you,
dancing in the rain,
only to witness you,
paint me a movie,
that’d just have,
you and me!

we won’t act,
nor would we script,
for i’ll held your,
hand in mine,
while you’ll hold mine,
in yours,
and oh my love,
we’d walk,
under the stars,
we’d lay,
on the grass,
we’d kiss,
to love, yet again.


this could go on forever, but nvm.

see you.