your smile is my eve and oh you in my arms, is my christmas

under the tree, how beautifully
she lay, while humming carols
that oh i’ll write for her
only to smile
for oh i knew, as to how she was the best gift
i could have been blessed with. 

christmas is near. it’s a lovely time. i’ll not be much poetic, but will rather just express, all that i feel about it. every festival, awaiting us, is an opportunity for me, to make my lady smile and oh just make her feel just so special. please tell me, it’s just not me, who thinks, christmas is a v romantic time.

it’s oh such a melodious time
that oh begins with, the search of the loveliest tree
that oh will light up our home
from the giggles of our lil ones
like never before. 

oh how lovely, would it feel, as we’d go in the forests, to find the perfect tree? if you’re wondering, as to who are the other’s. they are well, my lady, and my lil daughters. oh how lovely would it be? as we’d, walk hand in hand, through the woods, only to find the tree, that is oh awaiting us. it’ll be like a picnic. like i’ll have my wife, pack some sandwiches or whatever that we’d like to eat. and wear warm. and well, there’s so much, like w two lil daughters, inside your car while you’re on your way, to the woods. there will be so many adorable moments. so many questions. so many lovely moments. it’ll be lovely. i can write stories on just these four lines, for that’s how much i feel. i love all small things, for that’s what they matter the most. remember to cherish them. always and forever. this will take us probably a few hours, so we will leave early.

and oh after walking, for miles so many
with my daughters, holding my both hands
as we cross puddles so many, and walk through
all paths crooked, that oh in the end
will lead to the most beautiful, destination there is

well, while we are in nature, i’d have to help my lil ones, cross small streams, that oh would be on our path. or maybe i’d have to hold their hands, so that they don’t wander around. if i like have two daughters, i also would want to, hold my lady’s hand, and so well, one daughter w me and other w her. and my other w my lady. oh so lovely. happy family. it’ll probably be snowy all around. so we might stop for snow fight. it’s for me and my loved ones to know. i’m quite naughty and well, annoying so it won’t be easy 😛

oh how lovely, would the tree look, my love
as we’d reach it, after walking for hours.

and oh how you all thought, my love
that oh we’d cut this tree, and take it home
when oh my love, when we can for once
spend christmas, on his home. 

so, well after finding the perfect tree. i’ll ask my wife, to probably take care of the kids, while i go and bring the stuff from the car. well, no i won’t cut the tree, for that’s not what christmas is all about. i’ll adorn this tree and spend our early christmas eve here.
so, the tree, wont be too long, but wont be too short either. it’ll all be lovely. i’ll bring all the things, i’d need, to lie decorate it. ladders, candycanes, bulbs power sources etc. after this, my wifey and i, will start w our work. i’ll ask my kids, to build a igloo, right next to it. and also a snowman. which i’m sure, they will thoroughly enjoy.

and now, after a while, i’ll ask my friends to join me, with their families. and so this open area, would now, be full of people and kids and just happiness. it’ll be just so fun. we all would enjoy and have a lovely time. 

after this we will probably, have tables set up and gather all the food, that we were assigned to bring. i’ll wait at the venue, placing lights and everything, in place, w my friends. while all the ladies and kids, go for a quick change of clothes. 

after everyone is ready, we will set the table, with turkies and all that we’d like to have. it’ll also have indian. it has to be there. 

but we won’t start yet, for i’ll ask my friend, to gather all the homeless from nearby places just so we could feast w them. and then oh we’d begin. all the kids, the ladies and the men, eating together and smiling. clicking pictures giggling away. oh how beautiful, would it be?

and so there we would be, under this adorned tree, giggling away, and sharing our happiness, w those who need them the most and also w our loved ones.

and i’ll probably have this held, much before christmas, for i know, during christmas, everyone will have their own things to do and so yeah. 

also, i’d like to add, that no matter, w whom i end up w it. it dosen’t matter, if she’s muslim, hindu, christian, chinese, japanese or whatever. i’ll be as romantic as i can be, no matter if the festival is Eid or Diwali. i’ll make every festival, as romantic as it can be, for my lady and will make her feel, just so special.

on christmas eve, i see myself, sitting on the couch, w my lady on me, while we are in a blanket, making out and hugging, while our daughters are sitting near the fireplace and looking at the christmas tree and oh how beautiful, would it be?

i can write a lot on this last para and explain in detail as to what i would do, but i’ll save it for the lady, i end up with. it’ll be better a surprise. 

i kept this short, because this could have been a few 5000 words long. there was so much to write. i love writing in detail, but well i decided not to. 

i love all things romantic. i love being romantic. i love making my lady smile. i love all of it. there’s so much, i’m yet to do and write for my lady.

i’m also yet to be w her. 

romance is something, i’ll always love. i dont know, how did i grow to love it, but i’m glad i did. 

i also, have learnt over the years, that you’ve got to be patient w your lady. you’ve got to give it some time, even if it is getting difficult for you. even if you’re missing her and all you want is to talk to her or ask her, if she’s okay. you have to be patient. you have to be calm. 

she’s oh, just so gorgeous. her poetry. her eyes. she as a person. and i think this lady of mine, has philanthropic interests and that has made me, admire her just so much more. i know she will never say this in public, but i’ve read her and i know she is very much into helping others. 

also, i well, am personally, very sensitive.

i dont like lies. i hate them. and it really hurts, when someone, you admire and love so much lies to you about being busy, for you could see her, reading blogs and giving reviews. but busy, when it comes to you.
and it’s fine, i guess. it’s better to remain silent and just keep feeling and writing, for her, from a distance. you do get so many thoughts, in your mind, but you have to trust her and tell yourself, that there has to be a reason behind this. there has to be. for she’s someone, just so beautiful and oh so sweet. and just so unlike this. 

i wonder, where my lady is and if well she’s having a nice day at work. i wonder, if she’s stressed only to wish, i could lay down w her, on her warm bed and cuddle her to sleep. i dream of looking into her eyes, w my light brown eyes. yes, my eyes are light brown. i hope she’s fine. i wonder, if she thinks of me. i’ve no clue.

i think of her mostly everyday. every time, i pick up, my guitar or violin, i think of her and wish, that oh she was nearby, so i could play her to sleep. i at times, wish i could talk to her to sleep and oh how lovely would that be?

in the end, i love christmas. i could have written much more, but well, i haven’t been talking to my lady, so it’s a lil difficult for me to feel all romantic. i tried anyway. 

take care, all of you. 

with love


you’ve the most gorgeous smile, my love

oh my love,
i seem to have an affair
with so many parts of you
and oh my love, 
when the time comes
and i’d be asked to choose
oh i’ll smile, only to marry all of you.

so well, i wrote this and felt like posting it now. 

um, so there are many things, around me, which well, i don’t like and one of them is, well seeing, my lady not happy. i’m sure, no guy would like that. 

she’s not really, my lady, for now. but well, i dont know. her thought or even her hint, makes me, write my lady or my love, on it’s own. i’ve no control over it. it’s something, you feel. and it’s a feeling so beautiful. and you’ve to write it. in your poems. otherwise the poetry would feel incomplete.  and just won’t sound nice. atleast to me. so yeah. i don’t know, if i make sense or not. but yeah, this is true.

so, i was thinking, as to what would make her day, which was not so fine, very happy. and so, well i decided to write a short thing, on it, just so i could try to make her smile. 

oh my love, i can’t think of a day, when i won’t spend my words, for you, just so i could catch a fleeting smile, for it’s just me, my love, who knows as to oh, how beautiful, does it really feel, to make you smile. 

and oh lovely was that day, my love? when oh i saw you in our room, laying on the bed, after oh a day so tiring. oh i looked into your hazel eyes, my love and knew, as to how tired were you. oh i sat near you, only to kiss your cheek once. and oh how you gave me a vague smile, my love, which only made me kiss you again and again, until i felt your smile, beat in my chest.
oh my love, how lovely did it feel? as i told you, to sit in between my legs, just so my love, i could hug you, while my skin kissed yours and oh how lovely, did it feel, my love?for oh i embraced you within my warmth. 

oh i made a home for my hand in yours, only to whisper that oh my love, i’ll never let go. 

oh i felt a smile peek at me. 

oh my love, do you remember, as to how, i took the book, you were reading, only to keep it beside us.
oh my love, do you then remember, how i let myself, lay on our bed. 
oh my love, do you remember, how i then felt you, over me, and saw the sham smile, on you.
oh baby, i remember, as i held your face awhile, only to pull you closer, as you rested your face on my shoulder, while oh my love, i told you, that oh it’ll get better, my love. and oh i kissed your forehead. 

and how my love,  i saw, you lay on our bed, while i was on top of you, looking into your eyes. and oh my love, oh i wish, i could tell you, how beautiful of a sight it really was. oh i leaned in, and so as to plant a smile, as i whispered, my best poetry to you. i kept making you, look into my eyes, only to whisper, that oh you’re home. 

i leaned in closer to you, my love, and told you, for oh it’s time, for your lips, to sway a smile. i heard you ask, ‘ when?’ and oh i replied ‘now’, only to kiss your lips and oh my love, i felt it. 

oh my love, what did you feel? as, oh i gave you butterfly kisses so many, while oh you felt me breathing, right next to you, and oh my love, it felt as if, i were breathing in for you to live.
and oh my love, did you feel, as my eyelids fluttered in delight, at the touch of your skin. 

oh my love, name all your scars after me, for i won’t let a day pass, without you smiling.

oh my love, come closer and oh never let go, for oh it’s time, for us now, to make love, only to feel our naked bodies, in sync, only to fulfill my dream, my love, to put you to sleep, smiling. 

so, well this is what i like wrote. i dont know, if this will make her smile or not. but i tried. i cant wait to do all the things, i so write about. i don’t know, if these dreams, that oh i see so often, would come to alive or not. but oh i hope they do, for i know, this will be worth it. for she is too.

i love romance. there’s no end, to the things, i can write, for romance is a way of life. and i’ve been keeping, this way of life, exclusive for oh some lady, i began, my future w. 

i saw many people doing ‘blogmas’. which well, only made me do, ‘blogmance’. and i’m loving it so far, for oh she feels beautiful. so well, this is (blogmance, day-1, her smile). and on the last day, it’d be us. 

i miss you, love. i wish, i was with you, i wish, we were busy cuddling. i wish.

you reside in the caverns of my heart. and oh my love, i’ll wait for you to return home. 

even when i’m like single and have like no one around, i still cant seem to stop writing romance. thanks to my imagination. i wonder, how much will i write, when i will like find someone.

see you.

tonight my love, was all about you

i tried a lot, to control, my urge to write romance. but well, i just couldn’t. for even the glimpse of her in my mind, is enough, for me to write novels so many, on all of her and beyond. 

oh my love, how do i tell you
that oh even a few words from you
seems to light up, all that i tried to keep within me
but oh my love, i couldn’t.
i just couldn’t.
for i dont know, but oh my love, tonight, every poem in me, craves for you. your soft touch. your oh so lovely hair. your attractive voice. your sweet giggle. your mesmerizing poetry. your lips on mine. and oh all of you. 

i failed, my love, to catch even an hour of sleep. for i was running high on emotions. only to feel a lil too much. and oh my love, it made me write romance, while smiling, for she smiled, in my mind, and oh how beautiful, was she looking?

i well, after doing a few things, of my own, went to bed, w her on my mind, and oh i just don’t know for how long, i was laying there, in the dark, sleepless. but oh i seem to have loved every bit of it, and so that’s why, here i’m, writing all of it, just so i could cherish all of it, tomorrow while i hear my daughters, nearby and oh my lovely lady, on my lap. and oh, i’ve loved every part, of her warmth, as i felt her fragrance on me, while she was on my lap. just like any other day. 

oh i caught myself smiling, which only made me laugh at myself, for oh i felt stupid. for i’ve never caught me smile, while dreaming. but oh the landscape in my mind, seems to have made me feel the emotion, that oh was just so beautiful. i remember it all, my love. every bit of it. which now, i’ll share. 

i felt my eyes, closing in, but oh still, how beautifully, they opened themselves, at the sight of her, as she lay next to me. i saw her hair, all over our pillow, that oh we were sharing. i felt the light, at the corner, of our room, which oh lit her up earrings, that oh still had, my petals on it. and oh how, i slowly leaned in, so as to, bite oh so gently, on her earlobe, only to let then, my tongue, make it’s upwards, only to lick, deep. and oh i didn’t stop, until i felt her shy. 
oh i still remember, my love, as to how heavenly was the feeling, when oh i pulled you close, as i held you, by your waist. oh my love, did you shiver, as you felt my hand, slide in your top, just so, i could place my hand on your belly. and oh pull you closer and oh a lil more closer, for oh my love, i can’t seem to let go of this feeling; of you being close. 

oh my love, i still remember, as , i lay oh so close to you, only to wrap yourself, w my legs. oh my love, i remember, as to how, you’d blink those brown eyes, only to smile in secret, while i was so into, loving all of you. oh my love, i can’t seem to forget, as i removed your hair, from your face, but just so, i could give you a kiss on your cheeks, and oh my love, how beautiful was it all? oh tell me, my love, how beautiful was it all, like you did, yesterday. 

oh my love, i love, loving you. for it feels, beautiful. oh my love, did you feel it? as i slowly, helped my hand, under your neck, but just so, i could, make you face, nearby. where lay, i , with poetry on my lips, waiting to be told. and oh my love, your petal like body, blossomed towards me, as i felt, all of you moving, only to feel you, grab on to my shirt, and bury yourself, on my chest. oh my love, i seem to have, fallen in love, times so many now, w all that you do, and all that you’re, and oh how i thought, i can’t anymore, but yet my love, i just fell in love, again.

oh baby, how lovely was the kohl, adorning your eyes. and oh those rosey lips, that oh couldn’t help but smile. i felt, my love, as your hands started caressing my hair, only to feel you come a lil closer and oh  my love, i smiled. oh love, you’ve caught this heart of mine, that oh nowadays, beats a lil faster, whenever you’re near. 

oh my love, i asked you to, lay on top of me, just so, i could feel the feeling, of us kissing, again. oh how our tongues, entwined together, my love. oh how my fingers, found a home, in the empty spaces, of your hand, and oh my love, all of it was, just so beautiful. oh how, i grabbed onto your hair, for it kept falling on us kissing, only to then, pull you closer and oh how passionately, were we kissing, my love? 

i bit your lips, gently and oh i felt it stretch, only to feel, the saliva in you, dripping all onto me.
oh i kissed my way down, only to reach your neck. and oh my love, how you shivered, as i kissed all over it. 

oh my love, now oh you can imagine, as to why, i caught myself, smiling.

after this, my love, my eyes, woke up, and oh there was darkness all around. and a feeling of longing. i got up, my love, only to light another candle, and oh as it lit up the table, i was working on, last night, i saw oh so many letters, my love, scattered all across, awaiting the day, they’d be posted. i love writing letters. i did write a few, in the past few days. 

i gathered all those letters, and sat on my chair, only to feel, my heavy beard. oh how, i wish, my love, i could show you, as to how, my head sways, as i write for you, everytime. and it really does. i’m not even lying. i dont know, why. but i do. the romance makes me. you make me. i like close my eyes and my head moves in waves. and also, how i wished, that oh my love, you were next to me. 

also, there are some people, who like drunk text. i well, dont really drink. nor do i ever plan on, because well i’m planning for adoption. and so, i think, this might raise my chances. so, like i was saying, like some people, drunk text. i romance text. like when i’m feeling all romantic, i romance text my lady. 

with love
until then

oh you left, my love

so well, if you like have been reading me, since the past few days, you well, know that i’ve been feeling at the peak of my romance. and it was, because of this, really special lady, that i liked more than i can imagine. i’ve lost the count of number of poems, i’ve written for her, some of which are still in my drafts. and i guess, now they shall stay there. 

i love romance. i really do. it’s a feeling oh so beautiful. and well, this lady, ignited, this corner of my heart, oh just so easily. i well, is the one, who loves to express. and so, i confessed, all that i felt towards her. and it was the most beautiful thing ever. i dont regret it. i’m glad, i did, for i really felt, whatever that i might have said to her. she well, was puzzled. to which, i didn’t say, much. 

all of it was really beautiful. for i’ve written some nice poetry for her and oh i loved the process. she told me, how stressful it gets, after work. and well, so i tried to make her evening’s better, by writing, the desires of my heart, in oh a way so passionate, and how i hoped, that she would smile. and i actually still don’t know, if she did or not. she’s a lady, of a few words. and i don’t think, it would have been right for me, to ask her. and so i didn’t and well, also stopped telling her, that well, i wrote something for her. and so, to this day, i’ve no clue, that well, if she liked any of my poems or not. but even if she didn’t, i hope, that she would have smiled. that’s all i wanted, for oh i loved it, as and whenever she’d smile.

she’s a really sensitive, lady and overthinks, quite a lot. but is just so exquisite. her rosey eyes. her innocent lips. her giggle, which i never got to hear. the kohl, that well, she applies. and so much more. i’ll miss all of it. 

and so, if you still can’t guess, yes, she’s not really around anymore. she very politely, made it clear. and well, no matter, how many things, i wanted to say to her, i just couldn’t. for i know, she’s having her problems. and well, if this is what she wants, i’m no one, to comment or add to her problems. and so, i didn’t. for this is her life. and well, at the end of the day, i know, she’s a lovely lady at heart. and will be a great wife and an equally beautiful mom, to some lucky kids. 

so, now. the main reason, because of which, i like wanted to write this thing. so well, there are times, in life, when you meet people, who are just oh so special to you and are just ineffably beautiful. and she was one such lady in my life. and every time, i meet someone, like her, i tend to surpass my romantic limits, so as make, my lady, feel a lil more special and also help her w a smile. and so, i was working on something. and that’s why, i didn’t post yesterday. because i spent the whole night yesterday, working on it. so, if you’re wondering, what it was. it was nothing much, but well, me trying learn a new font, which then, i would have used to, write her poetry, on paper and would have posted it, on like the blog, by the weekend. but well, life’s unpredictable. it took me a lot of hours, so as to learn the style and i did get the hook of it. and i’ve never really done something like this, so i was giving my all, for a few seconds of her smile. 
anyway, i do have the font ready. but i won’t show it to her or anyone for that matter.  i’ll save it, i guess. but i’ll post the poetry, i planned on dressing w that particular font. in my normal handwriting. it’s at the end, of this post. and i’m sorry, i dont have a nice camera. so couldn’t really get a clear picture. i’ll post the poem, below the picture.

and so, that pretty much sums up, all of it. she’s a really heart warming lady. she just would talk to me, for 5 mins and i would get so romantic.

anyway, i guess, she didn’t like my poems or maybe she i guess, wasn’t really interested in me, in a way, that i was. and so well, she decided, whatever. and i respect it. no matter how, selfish or just immature the decision might be.

in the end, am i sad? ofc, i’m. for it’s just me, who knows, the plans, i had in my mind. it’s just me, who knows, the dreams, i weaved for her and me. it’s just me, who knows, the pain i endured for her to smile, even if it is for a short while. and it’ll always be just me. 

anyway, that’s all. i won’t write for a few days. i guess, i’ll work on a few other things. and when i’m done w them, i’ll share it. 

until then.
with love.

the thing i wrote. 

the beginning  last verse

oh how beautiful, do you seem to be, my love
for oh how i wish, you knew, as to
the amount of emotions, that oh my love
you make me feel, by oh just smiling.

oh my love, i never thought i’d confess
all that i feel for you, my love
but oh now, as i’ve, i can’t help;
imagine the happiness, i feel
every time, i shed my words for you
so as to make you smile.

oh my love, a time soon shall come
when oh all you would do is, nothing less than a smile
for oh my love, i’ll brew you oceans
only to sail a boat of our own. while raising a family 
of three, and oh my love, how beautiful, would it be all?

oh my love, we may be on the cripples
yet your wisdom, will keep us stitched to the ground
while the love, i’d share w you, will help us fly
for oh we’d be in love, ever after. 

naked thoughts about you, my love

i well, like just woke up to this dream of mine, that oh i wish, i could share with her. but well, i guess, she’s really tired, after her long day at work, and would now, i guess, be just laying in the darkness, writing poetry. and it’s a rather, beautiful image, to imagine, isn’t it? like how lovely, would it be, if oh i was next to her, only to pull her close, as she’d drop these words, on the bed, which then, i’d kiss them up, and leave them engraved on her lips and oh how beautiful, would it all feel? for oh that’s where they belong. 

sorry about that. was just feeling romantic. 

so about the dream. well, i was thinking of her, and well, just wondering about her and things, and then i guess, i passed out like that, only to wake up w a smile, and a few words in my mind, that oh i had to write, for oh i’m feeling just so romantic. and so, the words were. ‘i want you to cook me some homemade food.’ 

and sadly, i just can’t seem to predict, as to what she’d reply to this, because well, i guess, i’ve still, yet to explore this side of hers. and i don’t remember it very clearly, like in the dream. and i know, i cant really ask her, so well, yeah. but it’s fine. 

but well, i imagined. and oh i see her, at a distance, with those,
silhouetted eyes and oh, i wish, i could tell you all, as to how beautiful, of a sight it really is. 

she has thick eyebrows. and oh applies kohl. her dark black eyes, seems to be looking at me, only to make me, imagine castles, that oh i build, from the dust, that oh i sneaked in from her past, only to make all things, that oh once were vintage, but now a reality, i’d like her to live in. 

as these are naked thoughts, and are just, whatever that lies in my mind, i’ll try to be lucid w it. i did feel her, cook me, something that oh she thought, i’d like a lot. and i did remember smiling, to it, as she told me, she’s done. and oh before, i could taste it, i was up.
and so here i lay, alone in this shoebox apartment of mine, wishing i could complete the dream, for tonight, i see very lil hope, of actually living this. 

i do not know, as to where will this go. i do not wish to see it end, but oh if it does end like that, atleast i’ll have no regrets this time, of not being able to express, exactly what was in my mind. nvm.

oh my love, i do not know, if you read me, or if you do not. oh my love, i do not know, if oh on this night, you lay alone, or not. but i do know, my love, that my thoughts, see you, as the only source, of light, for oh they revolve, all around you, only to peek at your parts, which oh my love, you think, are as vain as wax, but oh my love, how i wish you knew, as to, what it really is.

for oh my love, as and when you’d stand naked, and oh look at yourself, on the stood mirror, you’d be flooded, with oh thoughts oh so many. but oh don’t worry, for oh i’ll appear, from within the darkness, unfolding my skin, lil by lil, only to feel your naked self, against mine. and oh my love, i’d kiss on your cheek, only to then, place both of your hands, on my eyes, and there you go, my love. i lended you, my eyes, but just this once, so that i could tell you, all that, you haven’t heard enough, until now.  

oh i heard, you whisper, “what do you think, love?”

and oh my love, i smiled, while i felt your palms still on my eyes. but oh i wish, i could tell you, my love, i saw all of it, for the warmth in your blood, talk to me, and oh so does your shivers, that oh you felt, for oh my love, i was busy teasing, all of you.

you blushed, only to repeat, yourself. 

i still stood there smiling, holding back, the last verse, that oh i felt, could win your heart, but oh my love, it’s no fun like this. for i’ll keep you waiting, till i’m behind you, with your hands on my eyes and oh you shall hear it then. 

sometimes, even i wonder, as to how did i grew up, to become, well someone, who loves romance. and oh, you lovely lady. i had no answer then, but had words. and now i’ve an answer, but no words to express. but oh my love, despite of it all, you’ll know it, for i’ll let you, keep your lips, on my chest, and oh how lovely, would they sound, as they’d now, be heard, beating just your name, since oh a time so long. 

you’re beautiful, my love. i wish you a really happy day, tomorrow. smile away, my love. missing you. and hey, you look adorning w maroon. but soon, maroon will lighten up, only to leave your lips, all wet, for oh i’m coming, to kiss you, through the night.

with love

my lady

lately, i’ve been, at the peak, of my romance. and it is indeed, been beautiful, for oh i’ve been dreaming. and oh my dreams, are something, i’m all about.

i’ve been dreaming of raising a family, with someone, i really admire and respect. i’ve known her for the longest time and i’ve always cared for this women, even when she was being difficult. and it indeed was worth it and it’ll always be, no matter, what lies in the future. 

and if you think, she being difficult, at times, is something, that well just gives you a reason, to let go of her. then oh, i wish, you knew, as to how wrong are you. loving is indeed difficult. but there are these things, that makes it even more beautiful. one needs to make sacrifices in life, for the lady you love. you’ve got to endure pain, for a better tomorrow. it is really important.
no relationship is possible, without all the sacrifices, that the partners, might make. and that’s what makes it, even more beautiful. that’s why, i love, love. and that’s why, i dont mind, her being difficult. i love it. all of it. 
also, you’ve to be understanding. this is really important people. you really have to be. you’ve to understand, her state of mind and support her, as long as it’s the right way. you’ve to. and this is really hard. when you actually, are in that position, you’d know, what i mean. 

loving her is a dream, and oh admitting, all that i feel towards her, was a wish. 

i really don’t know, how many of you, dream of such things. but oh if you do, you know, how exquisite is even the thought of it, as it even, steps in your mind. and i’ve never really dreamt about this right away or expressed in a way, i’m doing right now. but it’s just one of those things, that you do, so as to make your lady smile a bit. and if you’re lucky, she might blush. 

so, this is one of my ways, to make my lady feel special, but just because, i’d like to bring my dream, of making her smile, to live. and this dream of mine, that is of making her smile, is something, i dream about, all day. if you’re like why? it’s simply because of the smile, that oh she’s born with. i love it, for her smile, is an art, in itself, that oh can even mesmerize the blind, for oh it’s something, that is oh just felt, and oh it feels beautiful. you’ve a beautiful smile, love. 

she’s a poetess. and oh a beautiful one. she’s versatile, with her poetry. while on the other hand, the only genre, that i seem to know of, is her. and oh this has been my fav so far. she’s a lady, of a very few words. and so, at times, it’s hard for me to predict, if she liked the poem or not. but all i can do is hope, that she, i guess smiled once, if not the whole time. well, i hope she did, for that’s the only thought, i had in my mind, while writing. 

she’s someone, who well, keeps her pain within her. but well, i dont how, but i can feel people’s emotions, by just talking to them. and i’m sure, a lot of you can. if you really care, you can too. all you have to do is feel. also what she doesn’t like to say, she sneaks all those things in her poetry. i’ve noticed it many times. or rather read. and oh i loved it. because well, i love romance. 

she’s the only reason, i’m sleeping, with the feeling of warmth, slowly grazing over my body, for it’s only me and me only, who knows, the feeling of your lady, laying over you. oh the wamrth, the care, the silence. all of it, is beautiful. oh it makes me speechless and oh it really does. for oh it is really beautiful. it really is. please trust me. these are the things, that oh makes it all so worth it. 

she’s probably, more romantic than me. tho it’ll be hard, for her to win, when it would comes to romance, for even in public, i’d do things, she’d remember ever after. and i live in delhi and i’m pretty confident, so no matter, where in india, are we, if i felt like kissing. i’ll. if i felt calling her, wifey, i’ll make sure, i shout it. if i feel like, hugging i’ll. and no one, but her, can stop it. and if you haven’t yet embarrassed your lady, then what are you even doing? i well, don’t really like it boring. so, i’ll be v stupid and do all things to embarrass her and oh all of it would be beautiful. for oh i’ll give her, reasons to smile, at night, when she’s alone. and if she’s with me, she’d probably be very busy, because well, no matter how much romantic, i might have been, a second ago, i’ll always want more. yes, i’m greedy. 

whenever i find myself walking, on cold nights such as these, every part of me craves for her. wishing that oh she was here. but just so, i could carry her, in my arms and oh then walk until all the miles, that i might travel, feel thirsty. oh how lovely, would it be? like can you imagine? she in my arms, and oh we’d walk, amidst so many people. well, i’ll ofc feel shy, but that won’t make me stop doing, what i so always want to do. i’ll love her in a way, she didn’t know, she could be loved. and oh, even writing this, makes me feel oh just so romantic. i’m really full of it. really.

she has these white shorts. which i’m guessing, is her night wear. and i couldn’t help, but imagine, as to how, beautiful, would it be, to cuddle, with her. i seriously can talk all day, about all the things, i’d do, while cuddling w her, but there’s like so much, that i think, i can write a book, just on cuddling. and i really can. and maybe i’ll and display all our pictures, cuddling. this well, would have been a surprise but well, i’m feeling romantic. so, yeah. i spilled it out.

oh there’s so much more, i want to write. but i’ve to control. for now. she’s not really talking to me. it’s been like a day, since i even asked her, if she’s okay or that how was her day. oh how i wish, i was at her place, waiting for her, as she’d come in, after work, only to make her feel special and do all things so as to make her smile, for oh i’m loving it. 

about raising a family. well, i dont know, i’m just really comfortable with the idea, of looking at her, as a mom, of my daughter. i know, she’ll be a lovely and strict mom. i know she will be. and that’s why, i want this to happen so much. i again, am controlling my emotions, otherwise i would have written a thousand words on just this. i’ll control, dont worry. 

in the end, i’ll say that, love is the most beautiful thing ever. and i don’t know, if well, she likes me and stuff. but even if she didn’t i’ll understand and respect whatever it is that she wants. i’ll be glad, for i atleast made her smile and that i guess, is much more important, that all the dreams and things, i want with her.

and even if she, dosen’t see me like that, it’s fine. i’ll live her smile, as if it was the only family, that oh i ever wanted.

and hey, if you’re reading this, know that, i’m thinking just about you and that oh you’re lovely. i also maybe, miss you.

with love

petals on her earring

oh dear, i know, as to how stressful of a day, it was for you, for oh my love, you worked oh so tirelessly, since oh the waking up of this day. oh as and when you entered home, i could see it in your eyes, my love, but still oh how you sweetly smiled at me, as i slowly took the purse, from you, only to peek a kiss on your cheek. it is for oh days, like these, my love, i don’t mind swimming oceans, so as to look, for the most, pearl like drops, only to then, adorn them, on oh your eyes, which oh my love, were once withering, for oh you were tired, but now, how they bloomed, my love or was it kissing me, on your eyelids, whilst pulling you oh so close, all this while? i, my love, slowly walked us to our bed, while i felt your arms, holding onto me, looking into my eyes, and oh nothing felt more beautiful, my lady. nothing. 
oh how fragrant was this bed, of ours my love, where oh we have spent hours, just cuddling, only to fall in love, even more, as and when we gave birth to new, memories such as those, which oh were just so special, only to us. oh did you feel it, my love? as i slowly undressed you, only to kiss my name, on your belly, which oh my love, was soon to be a home, for our lil one. oh my love, did you feel, my tongue, as i painted, your skin so soft,with the colors of my romance. oh how i kissed my way up, only to reach your chest, just so i could blush, every part of pretty you. oh my love, i kissed that heart of yours, only to move my tongue, in circles, over your breast and oh my love, how musically, did you moan? oh my love, did you feel my kisses oh so gentle, dressing all, was that oh was stripped of you. oh lovely did it feel, my love? as i now was home, for my lips were on yours. and this seemed like a second, but was oh there, for mins so many, but oh it ever enough? oh my love, how lovely, was it all? as you felt, my naked body over yours? oh i felt you kissing, me deep, my love. oh it was just oh so beautiful. every bit of it. oh i loved it. 
oh my love, i still remember, as to how, after all of it, i wrapped my legs, around you, as you lay over me, only to recite, my favorite lines, from a poem, that oh i wrote for you. and oh how you thought, my love, it’d take me a while, to find the lines, but oh i wish, you knew, that oh i had a rose, bookmarking, only to then kiss, my poetry, down your lips, for oh i wanted, to reach that heart of yours, through my words, and oh to this day, i wonder, if it did, my love.
oh my love, i love all of you, and oh this night, where in the end, my love, i planted the petals, on your earring, only to fall asleep.

so, well i’m feeling very romantic, again. I just love romance so much. And well, something i can’t see, is my lady stressed and not smiling. So well, i’ll go great lengths, to do something, to make her smile. And in the end, no matter, how rude she’s with me at first, in the end, it’ll all be worth it. you’ve got to make sacrifices and endure pain, so as to make your lady smile. Loving is easy, yet oh so difficult. 
make your lady, the happiest, and fall in love with the process, for there’s nothing more beautiful. 
and well, is it just me, who uses roses as bookmarks? Or flowers of any kind for that matter?
missing you, love. 
see you.

i’m longing, to start a family, of my own, with my valiant love, just so, i could carve her on all the fleeting clouds, that oh gaze upon us, tonight amidst the shine, of the moon, or was it her smiling? her smile, is the softener of my heart, only to hear it murmur, all the ballads, i gathered from within me, just for her, as she’d rest herself, on my chest. and oh how beautiful, would it all feel? oh how i wish, i could tell her, how i tattooed, all of her, on all of me, but just so, whenever i’d look at my hand, i’d find her’s taking haven in mine. oh my dear, how i wish, i could tell you, every minute, all about the deep affection, that i’ve for you. oh my love, i wish i could tell all, as to how addicting, are those wine like lips of yours, that i always have a desire of coloring, with those of mine. oh my love, you seem to have awakened all the shades of my romance, that turns my once ripple like emotions, into oh a storm, that wishes, just to carry all of you, while the rain kisses, every inch of you, or was it me, my love? oh beloved, i’m at the departures, trying to catch a mellifluous glimpse of you, from a distance, only to later find us, cycling on the streets of Paris, for oh i’m in love.
i do not know, my love, if oh you want a daughter, as much as i do. but oh i do know one thing, that oh my dear, i want you and oh only you, to carry my lil one, in you, while my love, you wrap yourself, around all of me.
oh my love, i can’t seem to wait any longer, to bring you into my arms, as my wife, only to make love to you, for oh my love for you, has given birth to us and oh love, this shall last forever.

well, at times, i just cant wait to get married and have a family of my own. i dream about this, almost everyday. i just can’t wait, for i know, how beautiful of a feeling it really is. isn’t it, really? so many emotions are branched to this. how lovely, would it sound, as she’d be Mrs to all. how lovely would it feel, to help her, every morning with her sindoor. exquisite is the word.
missing you, love.
see you.

it’s summer under the winter sky

oh how do i tell you, my love that oh how much i’ve been wanting, to confess all the love, that oh i have for you. and oh atlast, tonight i did, only to memorize, every second, i made you smile and oh my love, how beautiful was it all? oh don’t ask me to, wall the romance, that oh i’ve in me, for oh there’s no way, i can’t control my longing, to tell you tonight, as to how, lovely these winter nights are, but oh my love, just because of you, for oh my love, if there’s you, only then, there’s this romance, that i write tonight.

oh my beloved, do you know, how much i’ve waited, for this moment, to tell you, all that i feel for you. oh i read, how lately, you find your bed sheet oh so cold, but oh my love, don’t you worry, for oh i’ll make you forget, all things, that were on in your past, only to adorn you with a jewel, that oh makes me fall for you, every time, i think of it.

oh how lovely was the feeling, my love, when oh i saw you, sitting in the middle of the bed, wearing shorts oh so white, and a top, covering the skin, which was oh my love, was about to be kissed, in oh a way so passionately, you oh could never have imagined, it could have happened. oh how my love, i saw you feeling cold, but oh not for long.

oh how i smiled at the thought of kissing you, on your cheek, only to see you look into my eyes, and oh i heard you ask “why are you smiling, for no reason silly?”. and oh smiled a lil more, only to walk towards you.
and oh i leaned in, only to kiss you, on your cheek, and oh whispered, “that’s why.”

i sat right next to you, while you tried oh so hard, to continue reading, while i teased your lips. oh how you blushed, my love, as i ran my fingers, through your lips, and told you, as to how dry, they are, only to then tell you, that oh don’t worry, my dear, for oh i’m here, to make them all glossy again. oh how you, turned all red, only to find an escape, while your cheeks, couldn’t help, but steal a smile.

oh my love, i saw you, as you tried to, stand up, only to run away. but oh my love, how then i held your hand, in mine, only to then, pull you closer, so as to make you sit between, my legs, while you blushed away, only to smile. and oh my love, i swear, i fell in love, yet again.

oh my love, you now sat, between my legs, only to continue reading, while i caressed your hair, only to remove them from your back, and oh how i kissed away, and oh my love, it felt beautiful.
oh my love, how then, it felt oh so beautiful, as you leaned against me, only to look into my eyes, while i looked into yours.

oh my love, i’m sorry, but oh i couldn’t help, but kiss you, on your cheek. you felt shy, only to look away, but oh my love, do you remember, as to how i, held your face then, only to make you look at me, and oh my love, how beautiful was it all, for oh your lips married mine. oh how we forgot, as to what cold was, for the only thing i felt, was your warmth breath, that i took in, everytime we kissed. and oh my love, we kissed again. and oh again. and oh, then there was no stopping, for oh i had my all, right next to me. oh how the book, knocked itself, from your hand, only to land on the bed, while we kissed away.

i sat up, only to pick you up, sat near our wardrobe, where oh my love, you sat on my lap. i reached out for the kohl, only to make my favorite stars, twinkle the brightest, as i slowly drew, in a way, that i see you always do.
oh i wish, i could tell you, my love, as to on how many dogs, i had to try this, before just so i could, then do it to you, which oh my love, was oh my secret, for i knew, you’d scold me, only to smile yourself to sleep.
oh how prettily was the mirror smiling at me, only to surprise you, with a kiss, yet again, while holding you, by your waist. oh how lovely did it feel, as i caressed your belly, while kissing all your face.

oh my love, i picked you up, only to walk you, to our bed, where lay imprinted, you next to me.
and oh how history repeated itself, yet was oh so different. i gently helped you on the bed, only to lay you, there. oh how your hair, looked so pretty, as i helped them spread their wings, over the pillow.

oh my love, do you remember, as to how i leaned in, only to kiss the necklace, that oh you were wearing, only to kiss footsteps, as i kept going above, until i ended up, biting your lips oh so gently.
and oh my love, we kissed. and again. and oh again. and oh my love, again.
i grabbed your hands, by your wrist, and locked them above your head, while i leaned in deeper, only to feel, your tongue, building a home, in my own. oh how, my tongue, licked all of yours.

a strand, flew in, on your face, thinking it’d loosen the gentle grip, i had over your wrists. but oh i wish, it knew, my love, that oh this strand will be kissed away, while your eyes would smile at me.
i retraced my footsteps, only to reach your neck, and kissed away, while biting often and oh my love, i know you loved every bit of it, for oh, i heard you say, “i love you” to which i kissed on your lips, at first, and said ‘i’. and oh kissed again, only to say, ‘love’. and oh my love, kissed again, while your eyes waited, to hear it. but oh instead, my love, i kissed you, another three times, so as to tease you, and oh my love, all four of those kisses, smiled and then oh i whispered ‘you’.

i let go of your hands, only to lay next to you, while oh my love, you turned towards me and oh how beautiful was it all? oh i removed, the strands, yet again, with my fingers, only to whisper “oh my love, witness me use all those poems, that you once wrote, so as to tell all, as to how cold it was, which today will give you the taste of warmth” to which you lay confused, but oh not for long, my love. for you’d read this tomorrow morning and oh you’d smile.

oh baby, there’s not a thing about winters, that i seem to not like,  for all the once hollow nights, are now oh my love, living with poetry, in oh a way so warm, for oh baby, it was us, becoming a part of each other, as we melted, in love, under a blanket, like never before. i heard you whisper the words ‘how i hurt‘, only to kiss you, before you could finish, for oh my love, let all those, who did you wrong, be lost in these winters, which oh feels like summer’s for oh we are in love.

oh my sweet darling, how beautiful was it all? when oh i felt a ring, on your finger, only to kiss you rings, on each of those fingers, for i can’t help, but marry you, every time, i kiss you.

oh my love, dont be surprised, if oh tomorrow, you’d feel an orgasm, as i’d kiss, more of you, that oh i couldn’t today.

oh my love, i love all about you. today. tomorrow. and oh until the forever.

So, well i was feeling v romantic, tonight. It was really getting out of control. So i had to write this. I love romance. I love it.  Not many people, can make me feel this romantic, which well, i still control, but sometimes, you just have to express. And so, that’s what i did.
I just might be in love. Well, maybe. There’s so much more, I want to write. And maybe i’ll. I also wanted to add a few more things, to this, but well, somethings are just meant to be special. So, i’ll do them, w my lady, exclusively. Someday.
Also, let go of the people, that oh let go of you. You’ll meet many people, while you’re living your life. But not everyone is meant to stay. Let go of all the negativity, and the negative people and see how you’d bloom. And also learn from your mistakes.
See you.