i close my eyes, to find myself walking along the banks of a river, with a heart so tender, that’d make me fall for her, only to write her a ballad, every time her heart would twinkle and the stars would beat.

to be able to walk on wet sand, and witness the tides, embrace the sand, on which i’ll cuddle with, the girl, i’d be in love, in front of all, would be a sight so beautiful.

oh how she’d lay over me, soaking herself in my warmth, while the wet water, calms my twinkling heart, but just because she’s here, with her smile, with whom  i’d fall in love with.

the love that we’d share, would build castles so many, from ruins, only to later call them home, or was it because her hand was in mine?

love, romance are things so beautiful. one can perform instrumental romance w hearts, of their women, while their eyes are still closed.

walk around the beach with her in your arms. feel a breeze, hold your women, kiss her open mouth.

romance is a dance of love, that’d i do while the world will witness.

goa, mumbai, agra, leh, shimla are some places i’ll visit to quench my thirst of romance. some by road. bike or a car. whatever i’d get my hands on. i’ll, and so should you.