kindness; the longer journey, but oh an exquisite one

i don’t really share these things, w anyone, for these things, are something, which are meant to be kept hidden. for the best form of kindness, is done, without even being kind. if you get, what i mean, you’d know, why i hide these things. 

but well, i had to share this, for this was well, something worth sharing. 

so, well i went to noida, sec-18, because well, i’m planning to buy a keyboard, and so i was just doing some research, as to which one should i like buy? so, well i was moving from shop to shop, comparing and noting, all the things, that well, were important. after moving from one musical shop to another, for a while, i finally was done, for the day.

so well then, i started to look for an E-rickshaw, and after a while, finally found one. i was sitting in the front, right next to the guy, driving. 

 i was wearing like a jacket and some pants. it was really cold today, and well, i didn’t realize it, until the e-rickshaw, started speeding down the mostly empty road. i was listening to a few songs, and well, it was peaceful.

so, just so you know, the way to sector 18 from my place, is mostly a straight road, for i live v near it. before like sector 18, there’s 16 and before that, it’s sector 15. all of which are like on one straight long road. so, i was going home, from sec 18 and we were on our way. half way home, just before like sector 15, i saw something, and the next moment, i was asking the guy to stop and well, i paid him the money. 

he dropped me at an intersection which was like near sector 15. because well, i asked him to. after this guy left, i walked backwards and so as to do, what i had in my mind. my home was still 15 mins away. anyway. 

so i saw this cart, which was attached to a cycle kinda thing. there was a bunch of stuff, like in the back, along w her mom. and this girl, was paddling away, and trying just so hard, to move this cycle-cart thing.  all it took was a glance and i just couldn’t resist, but offer my helping hand. for i could see in her eyes, that oh she was struggling. and well, i could picture, my future daughter in her and so i melted the moment, i saw her struggle and oh it was a sight, my heart just wont let it pass.

so well, as i got closer to them, i said, hello and asked aunty, if i could paddle instead of her. and i asked the girl, to join her mother and well, they both were reluctant at first, but well, somehow i convinced them. i told her mom, that aunty, you’re like my mom and i just can’t let my sister do all the work, while her brother just gazes at from a distance. i said all this in hindi. aunty finally gave in and well, i helped the lil girl, as she stepped out the seat, and sat in the back. they both smiled oh so beautifully and oh i knew, i was doing the right thing. 

so, now i was cycling this thing, on like the road and oh it was hard. but ofc, i cant let them know, so i was still smiling and talking about how cold it is, or whatever that would come up in my mind. so i asked them, to let me know the way, which they did. i asked the girl about her and what does she like to do. she was telling me, and it was rather hard to hear, because there were a lil too many cars. 

anyway, i was cycling this thing, for about half an hour or so and i like then stopped near a market and they told me, their home is right around the corner. so, i smiled and got off, from the cycle. we were talking for a while, suddenly my eyes, spotted a shop nearby, and so i thought of something. i told them, i’ll be back in 2 mins. i had like 40 bucks in my pocket and so, i like bought a cadbury for it and gave it to the lil girl and oh how beautifully did she smile. i wished her merry christmas and smiled. that girl smiled yet again and oh i loved it. for it made me think of my future daughter. the girl was not so young but not so old either. 

the lil girl’s mom, was folding her hands so as to thank me and i didn’t like it a bit and i told her, please don’t. i then touched her feet and wished them goodnight and concluded our conversation. i started walking away and heard the girl shout,”bye. bhaiya”. i smiled. waved at them. 

this was a lovely evening. i wanted to share this, so as to let you people know, as to how joyful it is, to help people. to be kind. it really is. it’s a feeling so pure and just so lovely. 
i know, i’ll probably never meet these people again, but oh they were the most sweetest and just so humble. 
to help is to live. but one should remember, when you’re helping, you’ve to make sacrifices. you’ve to endure pain, for them to smile. 
and so, now i was like half an hour, away from my home and i had no money on me. so well, i had no choice but to walk. and so well, i did. it was quite a long walk. and now, i’m just so tired. all i want to do is sleep. oh i wish, my lady was here, so i could just cuddle her to sleep and oh i would have loved every bit of it. when that lil girl, would smile, i would think of my lady, for she’d be the mom of my lil ones and oh it was just beautiful. the thought of it. the feeling. all of it. but well, only if i had a lady. only if. then oh how beautiful, would it have been?

also, i just feel really weird sharing this. because i dont know. i just feel, as if these things are not meant for sharing. and i don’t know, if i should have or not, but well, i just needed to write this. no one, i know personally knows that i’ve a blog, so it’s fine. 

in the end, it was all worth it. there was a time, when i would feel shy, to help people in public. and i would be just so reluctant. i’d wait like 10 mins or so, before i would do something. because i was just shy. but i learnt the importance, of being confident. and it indeed is important. if you know me personally, i would have told you stories about me being shy. so yeah. 

anyway, i’m really tired now. so, i’ll probably try to sleep. 

see you. 

with love


you’re beautiful, my love

oh my love, how i wish
i could clear all the doubts
that you once had,
for oh my love, there can’t be no one
as beautiful as you, in oh a way so mesmerizing,
that oh my love, one couldn’t help
but spend his every second,
falling in love with all that you’re.

oh my love,
i know how you spent hours
in front of the mirror,
wishing for curves, and oh a dreamy body
but oh i wish you knew, my love
as to how, a guy, sitting across you,
wished just for a single dream, to all the stars, he’d find falling
and it was oh to, embrace you from behind
and whisper in your ears, while holding you, by your waist
as to how beautiful, you were really looking
and oh that, how lovely are all the curves, that you seem to have
but his favorite seem to be the one
that made two smiles, one
for oh my love, he kisses
while you smiled, still kissing away.

oh my love,
how i wished, you knew
as to when you were, placing slices
on those dark circles,
how i adorned, you
on the canvas, that had painted you in it
with all that you were, and oh my love
how beautiful, did you look
with all those, that you think were flaws
but were really the only jewels
i fell for, the first time when oh my love,
i saw you.

oh my love
oh i wish, you had
shown me the memories
that oh seems to have haunted you,
for oh how you thought, they didn’t tell us
about the reality of your beauty
but oh i wish, my love
i could tell you, as to how every picture
that now seems to be lost forever
were the favorite ones of mine
that you could ever take
for oh my love, how do i tell you
that oh you were always beautiful,
and will always be, in oh a way so special,
for oh my love, it’s you after all.

you’re beautiful, my love
to all those, who know you
and especially me, for i’ve read
all that you’re,
and oh i loved,
every breath of it.


oh my love,
i smiled as you called
the romance, that i seem to write
cheesy, in oh a way so lovely
i couldn’t help but fall in love
with all the innocence, that oh my love
i felt in you, and oh how beautiful, does it all feel?

oh how do i make you believe,
as to that oh you’re not at all needy
but oh just so beautiful, in a way of your own
that is oh my love, enough to make anyone
fall for you, for oh my love, you’re the most special
of them all.

oh promise me, to sleep tonight
with the thought of embracing me,
for oh my love, there’s no feeling
beautiful than you, in my arms
and oh how lovely is it all, for oh
my love, you haven’t been told this enough
but now i shall, for oh you’re exquisite.

oh my love, there seems to be no end
to words, that oh comes in my mind
but just because, i heard your voice oh so sweet
which oh was the only music
that could marry the lyric, of our story
and oh how beautiful, would it all feel
for oh you, my love are beautiful!

you love oh so purely,
only to show sides to you
and oh my love, how do i tell you
as to how fun is that childishness of yours
that you seem to be not very proud of
but oh i wish, you knew my love
how in the end, they are the only jewels of your heart
that oh makes my heart flutter, for oh my love
you’re a butterfly in disguise,
making everyone fall in love
as you’d paddle through, the rainbows
that oh my love, you left behind
or was it you smiling all along the way?

i asked

i asked for
shade, i could
take haven in
and oh my love
he gave me you
as my home.

i asked
for a way,
that oh would lead to me
out of this darkness
and oh my dear
he gave me
your smile
that twinkled it’s way
to my heart
and how beautiful
was it?

i asked him
for strength
for just so

i could walk again
and oh my love
he gave me you
smiling back at me
wearing a dress so red
only to make me dance
for oh you’re the
lyric to my music.

i asked him
for water
so as to quench
my thirst
and oh my love
he gave me you
and oh how my thoughts
shifted to you looking
oh so exquisite
for oh my love
you’re an ocean
of feelings
that oh makes
me knees go so weak.

i asked him
for love
and oh my dear
he gave me you
just so i could
write poems so many
just for you
only to make our story
known to all!

i asked for warmth
and oh my love
he gave me you
And oh how lovely
did your skin so soft felt
wrapped in my arms
as i my love
cuddle you to sleep.

i asked for comfort
and oh my dear
he gave me
your voice so
that oh was the
only music
i’d sleep off too.

i asked for care
and oh my love
he gave me you
and oh how lovely did it
feel as and when you
helped me paddle
through these storms!

i asked for nothing, my love
yet he gave me you
and all of a sudden
i had everything.


my night’s are warmer
for the thought of her
wrapped in my arms
is the only dream
i seem to be living.

oh how lovely does
she feel?
for i’m lost in the
prettiest eyes, i have ever seen

i reminisce, only to smile
for oh she looked such a wonder,
this diwali, wearing a Saari oh so yellow.

she was at the mirror
fixing her lipstick
only to surprise her
for i came from behind
while she greeted me,
w a smile so precious
yet oh so innocent,
only to find myself, falling in love
with all of her.

i removed her hair,
from her back
only to plant, kisses oh so many
on her neck,
while holding her
by her waist,
and oh how beautiful was it all?

i leaned in,
while turning her
towards me, only to whisper
“i’ve a surprise”
and oh how beautiful was
the moment, when i witnessed
her twinkling eyes, smiling back at me.

i reached down my pocket
only to take out the earrings
i got for her
only to now whisper, “may i?”
to which oh she nodded.

i kissed her cheek,
only to take an earring
while removing the few strands
on my way.

i asked her to turn
as now we faced the mirror
only to tell her,
how dreamy
was oh she looking

i now opened my eyes
only to feel her, caressing my hair
while i leaned in
only to kiss her, skin so soft
and oh how beautiful, did it all feel?

for oh my memories
lies embraced,
only to be told, until the very end
for the love, i’ve for her
will never stop breathing
for oh she’s the one
and only for me!

I’m in love

Oh I seem to be
in love, with the way
she sketches me
on her spectacles
while i hold
her hand in mine
only to fall in love
with the way,
her smile,
makes my heart go all red,
for oh i think
i’m in love!

I’m in love,
with the way,
she talks,
for she’s the music
to words, i’m yet to write
that oh makes me
hear as the wind
echoes us,
for oh i’m in love.

i’m the horizon, my love
and oh you’re the sunset
only to witness my daughter,
dancing to the sound of rain
on the surface of this starry ocean
and oh how exquisite is she
for oh my love, she’s and will always be
the mere reflection, of you
and oh how beautiful,
does it all feel?
For oh i’m in love!




We had a home
But lacked a family
For my dad was away
And oh it was a tragedy

I was just four
And my mom’s body was oh so sore
For she’d wake up before all
Only to work each day, a lil more

She worked oh so hard
To feed her kids oh so young
While she’d fill her hunger
With all that’s leftover

And oh then came a day
When someone took us out
Which was oh so new
For that was something, not we were about

We went out
Only to pass by a few shops
Where lay on the shelves
A few chips, but that wasn’t our stop

Oh how all of it
Seem to have caught my eye
For it had been months
Since i had a try

Oh he saw me looking
Only to ask me

“Do you like eating chips”

I looked at him shy
And smiled oh so innocently,
While glancing at my sister, nearby

And said
“Yes I do but Ma asked me not to ask for one for we don’t have money.”

For who knew, what lied ahead
Would become a story,
I’d recite
for there are many, who live in a multistorey
but still not quite

And oh it was a day
I shall remember
For I left an adult teary
But did make my December
A lil warmer, for I had one,
for all my members!








There’s a side to me, that is unheard of
for i’ve kept it hidden away, just for the one 
who i’d give my all to, for she’d understand
what seemed to be whispers, were echoes
that screamed itself, within me

Oh there’s a side to me, when 
 all It wanted, was to let out
what was within me
All that i’m, and all that i were to become

There’s a side to me, that have a few untold dreams
For i’ve never met someone
i could trust them w
for i’ve been bruised times so many

There’s a side to me, that spends his night crying
For people, i’ve not met
Feeling oh so helpless
only to realize,
how selfish can people be
while living to their fullest, 
blinding themselves to emotions
that i thought we all are about.

There’s a side to me, that oh feels so alone
Where a lil support from anyone
Could have refrained this granite floor
from tasting the salt, that lies in my tears
while I try to, gather all the fallen pieces

There’s a side to me,
that oh i dont show
for oh the world we live in, is complete
yet hollow.


i feel the
cold sneaking in
as it whispers
through the windows
that oh are
planted in the sky
and oh how beautiful
would it be?
as one’d cuddle through the shivers
only to spread the warmth
that is known to all as love.


letter to my future wife

Hello, my love!

So well, my love, life w me, will be difficult, but i’ll try to make it worth your every second! So, my love, I hope you won’t mind, if whenever we go out, you’d find yourself in my arms, while we walk through the streets of whatever city, we are living in. For oh my love, I wouldn’t want you to walk, when you can always be in my arms, while oh you look into my eyes, and oh all of it would feel so magical, for oh my love, what can be, more beautiful than the feeling of being with you! Oh, i’d feel you wrap onto me, only to fall in love, with all of you, yet again, but still oh my love, it’d feel all so exciting! I hope you won’t mind, if my love, you were to be in my arms, as we’d enter shops, but just so you could, my love, buy whatever it is, that you’d like to. Don’t mind my love, if you see me make a puppy face, whenever i’m asked to put you down. I hope you won’t mind, my love, if i were to give you some company, when you’d go to change your clothes, only to then, help you, my love take off your top! But oh don’t mind my love, if then we’d make out for a while, only to push you against the mirror, and kissed you, all over!

Don’t mind, my love, if whenever we go out for dinner, to places so unknown and restaurants so new, you’d find yourself, sitting in between my legs, only so i could kiss you, and hold you, by your waist! Oh don’t mind my love, if you’d find, people gazing, as i’d feed you, again and again, and oh how beautiful, would the feeling be?

Don’t mind, my love, if at night, you’d find me, sleeping naked, for it’s a habit, that oh I love so much! So well, you might feel something on your body, at night! Just try not to touch it, and just don’t put it in your mouth. Don’t mind, my love, if i’m feeling all cuddly, and just make you lay over me, only to then, lay over you, while I kiss you so many times, my love, that even numbers, would seem to worry, for it’d never enough!

I might also be v naughty at times. And well, maybe color your hair, red or maybe blue, depending on my mood! Don’t mind, if you wake up, w a beard or maybe a moustache, that I drew w a permanent marker 😛

Don’t mind, my love, if i invite, the homeless, from the streets, to join us for a meal! Don’t mind, my love, if I kiss you in public, but just because you were looking oh so beautiful and oh i couldn’t just wait, for us to be alone! Don’t mind, my love, if i were to often, bring you breakfast, at your bed, but just so i could feel the. feeling of feeding you, while still in bed, only to later then, write all about it, and oh make them fall in love, with the way you are! Oh lovely would it be, to feed you, my baby? Oh can you close those dreamy eyes of yours and kiss me already?

Don’t mind, my love, if i were kiss my daughter a bit more, than you, for oh she’s been my dream, since so young!

Oh baby, I hope you won’t mind, my love, if i’d ask you, about your periods, but just so i could take care of you, like no one ever could nor ever will! Oh baby, i hope you won’t mind, if i were to change the pad for you, everytime, it’s needed and oh no baby, i won’t mind, for i’d do it. I hope you won’t mind, my love, if i were to stay at home, but just so I could calm you, while you’re restless because of your cramps, only to find myself holding your hand in mine and sleeping next to you, while i tell you, poetry, only to put you to sleep, for oh my love, how beautiful would it be?

Oh my love, I can also get mad at times, and say things oh so mean, but please excuse me, then, for i was just mad and just talk to me about it! I’ll love it, when you’d be meanie! I’ll love it, when you’d angry! And try not to slap me, if i were to kiss you, when you were mad 😛

Don’t mind, my love, if i ask you, to come w me, at oh so night, but just so we could lay on the ground, and watch the clouds go by, and just gaze at the starry sky, with your hand in mine, and your lips on mine!

I hope you won’t mind, my love, if we were to make love, all around the house, like we never have, even tho, we have been, since forever, but oh it’s just never enough!

There will be days, when i’d be feeling oh so very tired, and just upset! I hope, my love, you’d excuse me, if i couldn’t kiss you to sleep that night, or make love!

Please don’t mind, if i were to be childish at times, only to tell you, I love you, all the time!

Please don’t lie to me, and be always true to me, for i’m tired of lies, from people so different. Please just be honest, and tell me all that you feel!

I’ve longed for love, since oh a time so long, and oh for the same reasons, the only person, I have ever wanted in my life, was a wife and oh nothing else!

There’s so much more to write. Like about, having a bath w her. waking up next to her, and just smiling like a stupid, because she’d be looking oh so pretty! And so much more!

i’ve been feeling, v romantic lately, so i thought, this will be the best time, to write this!

see you!